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two busy moms, entrepreneurs and Bujo enthusiasts

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Journaling is great… until it sucks!

We love journaling. When we first started keeping a journal, we felt like it was really helping us get organized… until it wasn’t. Until all of a sudden we were spending more time designing our spreads than we were actually doing the items on our “to do” lists.

Fall in love with journaling all over again.
And so, Sunny Streak was born. A series of journaling products designed to make journaling easier, faster and more productive! We create products that help us save time and energy in creating beautiful spreads. We hope they will help you too.


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Sunny Streak is a journaling supplies company started by two busy moms. We're originally from Wisconsin (go Packers!) and South Africa (go Springboks!), but currently live on Vancouver Island (go Canucks!). Our products are stored in the USA and all items ship from within the US.