Simple Productivity Weekly Planner Stickers (B&W - 30 Sheets)
Simple Productivity Clear Stickers
Simple Productivity Writable Stickers
days off the week transparent planner stickers
Huge value set productivity stickers
Habit tracker stickers
Simple Productivity Planner Stickers
Small Productivity Planner Stickers
Simple Productivity Planner Stickers
Simple Productivity Planner Stickers
transparent planner stickers for goals, meals, to do's
weekly planner layout with black transparent stickers
transparent weather stickers with days of the week, numbers and weather icons
transparent cute hand drawn icon stickers
water track writable stickers
weekly circular habit tracker sticker
mini calendar sticker for bullet journal
to do list checkbox stickers

Simple Productivity Weekly Planner Stickers (B&W - 30 Sheets)

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  • VALUE PACK 30 SHEETS - 14 clear and 16 writable sheets of useful small journaling stickers
  • HUGE VARIETY OF STICKERS - gratitude, weather, goals, tasks, numbers, weekdays, trackers, more!
  • TONS OF TRACKERS - water trackers, sleep trackers and a variety of grid & circle habit trackers
  • PERFECT FOR Bullet Journals, dot journal notebooks, daily or weekly planners, student agendas
  • HAPPY PRODUCTIVE DAYS when you brighten your journal or calendar with these fun, cool stickers


    Save time on your weekly layout This amazing set of incredibly useful planner stickers provides great value with 30 sheets of stickers. The mixture of clear and writable sheets have tons of different words, trackers and icons, which are perfect for helping you put together the ultimate weekly plan.


    Clear Stickers (14 Sheets)

    • Blend With Your Planner - Clear stickers will blend in with any layout (no more glaring white backgrounds)
    • Everything you need to create your weekly plan – weekdays, numbers, list headers and more!
    • 36 sets of weekdays will last for more than 6 months!
    • Cute weather illustrations are perfect for tracking any kind of weather.
    • Cute and useful icon stickers will add fun to your layouts and can be used to mark events like vacations, chores and more.

    Writable Stickers (16 Sheets)

    • Track Sleep & Water - Custom sleep and water stickers will help you track these habits that are so important to good health.
    • Track Other Habits - A variety of other trackers can be used to track anything you want – from healthy habits to goal progress.
    • Plan Ahead - Mini calendars can be used to easily see the month-at-a-glance and plan ahead.
    • Make Lists - Checklist boxes will help you quickly create lists – and they come in a variety of sizes for short or long lists.